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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winter Hibernation and Return

Winter is always a weird time for me, writing wise. A lot of things have been happening lately with me, and I can use them all as excuses to cover for the fact that, essentially, I've just ignored writing. Sorry for those of you who enjoy my writing. In part, I think I've been depressed, and while I know it's at least a little bit because of a lack of sunlight and monetary troubles, some of it is also the usual stuff: crushing realizations of how horrific civilization is, how much industrial civ is exploiting the world and killing people every day. How it tries to turn us all into drones. The mess in my apartment (which I'm putting off cleaning to write this) certainly doesn't help. But I've got some great friends and family as a support network, and of course the most wonderful partner.

At least I've been spending some of my time doing good things. My partner and I have been working a bit on our preps. Like I've said, mainstream survivalism is a useful tool in rewilding and even in general anti-authoritarian work. Aside from just helping us prepare for collapse, the sort of independence gained by learning primitive skills, hunting, gardening, self-defense, and fixing things yourself have the effect of allowing you not only self-sufficiency, but cuts off at least some of the influence that systems of oppression have on you. More on that soon.

And I sure picked a hell of a time to go on hiatus. The Middle East is on fire, with revolutions ousting one dictator after another. It's pretty awesome. The revolts are varied in character, from the mostly peaceful one in Egypt to the all out war going on in Libya. The realization that governments are essential corrupt is becoming more palatable, and while I think that the hype about revolution spreading here is overblown, it is nice to see some serious struggle going on in the Midwest. From what I hear, a working class rebellion is brewing in Mexico, too. Yay. The fact that many of these rebellions seem to be at least partially rooted in food shortages caused by declining grain production is unsurprising.

The predictions Mike Ruppert and others made, which I mentioned previously, seem to be going roughly according to schedule. Wikileaks recently released cables confirming what many have suspected for a while: Saudi Arabian oil fields have entered decline, and the Saudis have been intentionally overstating their reserves and production to hold on to power.

Times are interesting. I'll try to keep up here on my blog. Keep up the rewilding!

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